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Peter Votichenko

  Peter Votichenko learned about and fell in love with the batik process while he was an exchange student at Bangalore University in Bangalore India, in the late 1960's. Under the guidance of Mrs. S. K. Chatterji, Votichenko learned the rudiments of the batik process. Working with hot wax, fabric and dye, at first intrigued, and then became a life-long passion. He continues to experiment with a variety of waxes, dyes, and fabrics, trying to master this elusive medium.

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  In the late 60's and early 70's Votichenko spent several years as a student doing field work in South Asia. His studies were centered in Bangalore, India, Buddhist teaching centers in Sri Lanka, and the Tibetan refugee centers in Northern India. His experiences with the art, religions, and cultures were influential in his choice of subjects.

  Votichenko has had a particular interest in the Buddhist religion and Buddhist people since he was 12 years old. His travels in Asia represented to him a rediscovery of a lost refuge. He hopes that his pictures of Buddhas and Buddhist people will transmit a feeling of harmony and peacefulness for which we all long.


  Peter Votichenko was born in Washington, D.C., in 1949. After living in a number of locations on the East Coast, including New York, Virginia, and Princeton, NJ, his family moved to Arizona where his father taught philosophy at Arizona State University. Peter attended Verde Valley High School in Sedona, Arizona, where he was introduced to Native American and Mexican culture. His studies included anthropology and fieldwork in Mexico and on the American Indian reservations of the Southwestern United States.


  Recently Votichenko retired from a 25 year career teaching history, geography and humanities in Scottsdale, Arizona public schools to pursue his passion full time. In recent years he has continued to travel extensively in Central America and South East Asia.

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This site was developed for the purpose of sharing my passion of Batik art with the world.

Anyone who has experimented with batik knows about the great pleasure and occasional disappointments and frustrations the medium provides. It is always surprising and it's always a compromise with fate. You never know how the spider web cracks and blended colors will turn out until the work is complete. It's very difficult to go back and fix a mistake after the dye has been cast.

If you would like to discuss the batik process or would like information about purchasing my art, please feel free to contact me at PicoBatik.com

All pieces are sold unframed. Prices include shipping. Payment may only be made by cashier's check payable to Peter Votichenko.

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