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There are many sites on the web that describe the fascinating and intricate process of batik in detail. What I love about the technique is the ability to achieve brilliant colors, the smooth flow of hot wax into fabric, the smell of the hot bees wax, and the perpetual source of surprise that batik provides.

The Art of Batik
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Batik is an ancient art form that uses hot wax, fabric and dyes to create unique images.The random cracks that appear in the wax resist during the dying process allows the dye to penetrate in random patterns and spider web textures giving each piece a unique dignity.


Working with hot wax is a difficult process - once the wax penetrates the cloth it is immediately permanent and can't be washed out until the whole piece is boiled.

Some pieces are waxed, dyed, boiled out and rewaxed, redyed, and reboiled to improve a color or texture or fix any imperfections. Each step of the process is time consuming.

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The dye takes several hours to fix in the cloth, so long periods elapse between application of the wax and dye before work can be resumed.

Intricate Javanese sarongs would frequently take months and in some cases years to complete. The process is definitely for those with a lot of time on their hands. It requires patience and imagination, and a certain willingness to accept the unexpected.

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